Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today's Noun - Post-It

Post-it [pohst-it]
1. a small notepad with an adhesive strip on the back of each sheet that allows it to stick to smooth surfaces and be repositioned with ease.
2. a sheet from such a pad.


Why is it I have my best ideas when I'm behind the wheel of a car or in the shower - when I can't jot down the ideas?

When I was driving to work around noon today, I had a whole half hour to think without any interruptions. (Well, except driving, of course.) I came up with at least four things to blog about - complete with some clever ideas as to how to present them. I even told myself . . ."I am going to remember these."

Famous last words.

I got inside my workplace and was reaching for the post-it notes to write down the ideas. Just then, the phone rang. I used the post-it's for taking a phone message, and put the written message in the cubby of the proper person. I excitedly reached for the post-it's - at this point I still had all the ideas in my memory.

I sat down, rolled up to the desk, picked up my pen, and positioned the post-its at the correct angle to begin writing down my ideas. A rapp rap rappppp invaded my thoughts. I rolled away from the desk and answered the door with the post-it's in my hand - I was determined not to forget. It was one of my clients coming to greet me and show me the model car he's working on. When we were finished talking I again sat down to write down the ideas.

At this point a co-worker comes into the office (they have keys, so I didn't have to get up this time at least) and starts doing what we call "changeover." This is important information that I need to have to opperate properly, so I used the post-it's to jot down changeover information - one post-it for each individual piece of info.

By then I needed to check my email because it was time to give meds, and I always check to see if there are any med changes or any pertinant information I need regarding a particular client before I start interacting with the clients themselves. I kept the post-it's in my hand to jot down anything of use. As usual, I wrote down about a dozen pieces of important information regarding various clients.

I passed meds, directed all eight clients as to the next thing on their agenda, and made sure they were following through. The other staff on duty were supervising them. This was my chance!! I couldn't remember all four things I had in mind while in the car, but I still had three of them!! I was confident that once I started writing them down the fourth one would return to my brain.

I didn't go to my desk this time - I went into the kitchen! (I was afraid of the phone, and the door, by this point.) I stood behind the kitchen door so only the surveillance cameras could see me. I put the dwindling pad of post-it's up against the refridgerator and JUST as my pen touched the paper, I feel the door knob hit me in the butt and a young voice calling my name. The thought in my head was a very loud . . . "Damnit!!". . . as the pen scrawled ink in a most uncomely manner up and off the post-it pad . . . onto the refridgerator door. (Plus, that door knob HURT!) I dealt with the mini-crisis of my client, redirected them, and then went to the cleaning closet to get some cleaner - I had to get the ink off the refridgerator - but I never put down the post-it's.

I'm nothing if not a stubborn and determined wench. After scrubbing ink off the fridge, I checked the cameras . . . everyone was in place and doing what they were supposed to be doing. This time I went into the staff bathroom and shut the door. Surely I could take just a couple minutes to record my ideas, plus, I was even more afraid of doors by now and thought no one would bother me in there. I leaned over the counter and managed to write . . .

Blog Ideas!

1) wea

. . . when that annoying buzzer that tells us someone is moving around outside the building went off. None of the other staff could leave the clients unsupervised to check out the alarm, so I knew my bathroom hiding time was done. I grabbed my coat and picked up the post-it's simultaneously. I turned off the alarm, scanned the cameras counting heads to make sure none of the clients had gone outside, and then went outside myself to investigate. I opened the door to go outside and saw a squirrel scurry across the lawn, and I knew that was my culprit, but I walked around the building just to be sure. I found nothing to be suspicious of so I go back to the door and find - I had my post-it's, but NOT my keys.

I rang the doorbell and waited. If I'd *also* picked up my pen, I'd have had time to finish that word I started. The clients can not be left unsupervised at any time, so it took a while for one of the staff to get to the door - with four clients in tow - to let me in. My cheeks were crimson from embarassment, not from the cold, but at least I had my post-it's, and still TWO ideas left in my brain.

By now it was snack time. After that, time to lead a group. Then time to do some individual therapy, and of course, dinner. Then, yet another group. All this time there was one client (the one who hit me in the butt with the door knob) who was not particularly on his game today, so he required much individual attention.

Seven hours into my work day, I'm still carrying the post-it's in my hand, but only one of the ideas in my head. I decided to go outside for my first smoke break of the day. Post-it's, pen, AND keys in hand, I go outside, hide around the back of the house, light up, and lean against the building to write down the one lonely idea I had left. That blessed little squirrel ran in front of me and gave me a start.

For the life of me, I could not remember what I was going to write down. Damn squirrel!!

And now, home and in front of my computer, I can't even figure out the word I started writing on that lime green post-it note.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today's Noun - Faliure

fail·ure /ˈfeɪlyər/ [feyl-yer]
1. an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success: His effort ended in failure. The campaign was a failure.
2. nonperformance of something due, required, or expected: a failure to do what one has promised; a failure to appear.

I have failed at my previously proposed ventures. I wanted, and attempted, to take the high road. I don't know exactly where things went wrong.

Now I have to make a new plan.