Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today's Noun - Aberrancy

ab·er·rant /əˈbɛrənt, ˈæbər-/ Pronunciation [uh-ber-uhnt]
departing from the right, normal, or usual course.
deviating from the ordinary, usual, or normal type; exceptional; abnormal. –noun

[Origin: 1820–30; < L aberrant- (s. of aberrāns, prp. of aberrāre to deviate).

—Related forms
ab·er·rance, ab·er·ran·cy, noun
ab·er·rant·ly, adverb

I had the most abberrant experience of my life last night. I sat between two men to whom I have been married. We gathered to discuss our future plans.

Going into this I had expectations, as I know all three of us VERY well. I expected the testosterone to be on the level of a medical-mask-smog-day in Los Angeles. My expectation of myself was that I would be nervous, easily insulted, and stumble over my words - sticking my foot in my mouth and making everyone feel uncomfortable. Man One - I expected him to be overly emotional and tell redneck jokes and speak about inappropriate topics that did not relate to the subjects at hand. Man Two - I expected him to be devoid of emotion, push too hard for his own viewpoint while making himself look as if he were sacrificing the equvalent of his first born, and be a total jerk in the process.

That, after all, would be normal.

But alas, aberrance prevailed. The three of us got along famously and all objectives we set out to work out were achieved to the satisfaction of all involved. There was no testosterone nebula in my living room - at most there was a hint of fine mist. Man One was surprisingly and unemotionally impressed and agreeable to the caliber of plans Man Two and I presented as options. Man Two was surprisingly nice, had balanced and appropriate emotions, and did not present himself as the martyr or even a jackass. I didn't get emotional, take anything personally, nor insult either one of them. It was amazing!

The glaring question I must ask is . . . WHY?

I have only one answer that makes any real sense.

The overall welfare of a seven year old boy, whom we all love and care deeply about.

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