Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's Noun - Atheists

a⋅the⋅ist [ey-thee-ist)

a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.

I do not resent the atheist position, I am glad it's there. Humans will always need the questioners. They are simply looking for the evidence that helps them be sure. I only wish they would soften their requirements just a tad.

I feel the same way about those believers who are overly thumping - not only their sacred books, but peoples ears, as if they are doing "sinners" a favor by being donkeys. It's ludicrous. If they too would soften, just a tad. . then both schools of thought might be able to come together, and eventually find out the final truth. Whatever that truth may turn out to be. . I am absolutely convinced this is what must take place before humans can move on to the next level.

If I am right, and there is a G-d, then surely that kind of love for one another is what G-d must be waiting for us to learn. If we actually pulled it off, who knows how the world would change, and how G-d would then be able to reveal himself with evidence offered and understood more readily because minds and hearts are open. One cannot love with a closed heart, or a closed mind.

If atheists are right, then I dare anyone to think of a better way to live than with that kind of love for one another. Humans have never lived in such a manner, and we have a hard time even picturing what it would be like. But every one of us wants it, no matter how fervently they want to tell themselves otherwise. It is one thing we all have in common, this desire for love, and even the animals and nature of this realm desire it.

Can evidence exist in the lives of believers, for the atheists to see? Can evidence exist in the heart of a non-believer, for beievers to see? The bottom line is, we don't know until we are brave enough to LOOK. If everyone is so stiff necked and certain of their own thoughts, no one will overcome that fear of looking.

It would be the greatest failure of mankind if we just were too scared to look. .Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. Right now atheists and theists are so busy acting like an old married couple arguing about who's right, they can't even hear one another. We're going to have to call some kind of truce and start over.


Anonymous said...

Beth, I've come to the conclusion that atheists have even more conviction in their faith (or lack thereof)than we Christians do in ours. What other explanation is there for someone who can see the perfect order throughout our natural world and still deny the existence of God (or, at the very least, a Creator).

In a more humorous vein, did you see the epitaph on the atheist's grave?

"All dressed up and no place to go."

Anonymous said...

If everyone is so stiff necked and certain of their own thoughts, no one will overcome that fear of looking.

Fear of finding truth might be one of the reasons, but it's unsure people from both sides, the Atheists and Theists, really want to know truth.

The mental inertia (the laziness to explore further), the tricking mind of holding onto certain beliefs or opinions (for false security of guaranteed heaven in the Theists for example), is too overwhelming and take much higher more priorities than knowing truth. Knowing the real truth, at this stage, is such a pain in the ass no pleasure seekers want to explore. Pleasure seeker is one of the two type of people in this world. The other is truth seeker.

If the intention of whoever they are, Theists or Atheists, are to find truth, with the simple fact that they don't know a whole lot of things of which they only think they knew, they would have been Agnostics instead of holding onto a certain belief, believing on a God or no God.

The capability to view balancedly, to look within and be honest with our selves, that's what determine whether one will be inconclusive Agnostic or taking side believers (Atheist and Theist).

Not that being agnostic is a good place to be, but Agnostics are the honest ones in admitting their own ignorance about reality of life. The capability to see further from the agnostic state of being, that might be what they called Mystics, Alchemists, those who know. To reach the Mystic realm, a lot of detoxification from the belief and self oriented toxins, should take place, and it's just too much painful for the many. That's why it's a narrow path few want to tread on.