Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today's Noun - Beginning

be·gin·ning /bɪˈgɪnɪŋ/[bi-gin-ing]
1. an act or circumstance of entering upon an action or state
2. the point of time or space at which anything begins:
3. the first part:
4. Often, beginnings. the initial stage or part of anything
5. origin; source; first cause:
6. just formed: a beginning company.

[Origin: 1175–1225; ME beginnung, -ing. See begin, -ing1]


Few, if any at all, are going to understand what is written here, besides me. But glean what you can, and welcome to the recesses of my mind. =)

At this time of year all of us come to an ending and a beginning. Humans tend to shed their proverbial "old skins" - like a snake - at times like this and encouage new growth in themselves. It's the natural way of things.

I'm into growth. It is my understanding (viewpoint?) that the purpose of humanity is to grow and evolve into something that it is not - yet. I feel a huge responsibility to do my personal part in that. We're all connected. If I don't do my part, someone else has to do it, and I become the burdensome one who retards everyone elses growth. I refuse to let that happen if I can do anything about it. I want to be ALL about growth.

Loving the learning, hating the process
In 2007 I have experienced the growth process of endings. I've spent much of the year dealing with grief. Losses of all types - People, places, things, a job I loved and was damn good at, relationships - serious ones and minimal ones, hopes, dreams. This has been the greatest catalyst for *other* types growth this year.

"Ain't THAT amazin' - Gracie?"
In 2007 I have experienced the growth process of beginnings. What I actually saw as I looked closely at those seeming beginnings, was that they are not! The truth is they are simply continuations or a rediscovering of things that were laying dormant, waiting to be focused on. Waiting to become useful again. Things that, apparently, I wasn't finished "growing" through, so they present themseves again - to be nurtured and fed to maturation.

~!Whew!~ Missed THAT catastrophe by the skin of my teeth!
In 2007 there has been *phenomenal* growth process in clarification ability. It's rising like the Phoenix out of the ashes. I have learned, through grief, that death is necessary for growth to take place - again, it is the nature of things. Pruning is painful, but produces lovely blooms. If I had stayed in a previous lifestyle, this clarification would not have taken place. I'd have stayed under the thumb of stagnation, and molded there. Fate did me a huge favor. I'm humbly grateful.

The Borg Factor
In 2007 there have been changes *to* my life that I had no control over. The result of this has been a solidifying of my resolve. (Translation - It made me even more stubborn) From this point forward my resolve is to be as proactive as possible. I won't fight unless I have to, but I'm prepared in any event.

So, this is your only warning, you dirty control freaks of the Borg Collective. All of you. Assimilation is NOT an option - You won't take me without a fight. Don't tempt me to upload a virus that will destroy all your circuits with the mere push of a button. Don't underestimate me because of my graceful demenor and blonde hair - I'm not weak, I am motivated. Inside this chest beats the heart of a Lioness, the supressed wrath of a woman scorned, and the spirit of Ghengis Kahn. I have no qualms about killing anything that threatens my den. It's time for YOU to learn that change is inevitable and resistance is futile. You've bullied everyone long enough.


This little review has shown me I haven't been living with nothing to show for it. That's just REALLY good news, to me.

Now . . . where's the champagne?

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