Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Today's Noun - FUN

fun /fʌn/ [fuhn]
something that provides mirth or amusement
enjoyment or playfulness
Informal. joke; kid. –adjective
Informal. of or pertaining to fun, esp. to social fun: a fun thing to do; really a fun person.
Informal. whimsical: flamboyant: The fashions this year are definitely on the fun side. —Idioms
for or in fun, as a joke; not seriously; playfully: His insults were only in fun.

[Origin: 1675–85; dial. var. of obs. fon to befool. See fond1]

I am looking for a permanent employment postion in my chosen vocation, but that's a bit hard to come by - I have a highly specialized vocation. I do have an intervew tomorrow morning that I'm excited about though! In the interim I am working at a temp position in the bookstore at a college.

The bookstore is quite typical, as college bookstores go. Lots of hoodies and nick-nacks in school colors, and the school logo plastered everywhere. The windows have been decorated with strategically placed hand-cut paper snowflakes. Just near the door there is a Christmas tree on a counter - complete with green and white {school colored!} lights - and a huge mother-of-pearl white star on top with . . the school logo, in school colors.

The television that hangs precariously over a wheeled table displaying cheap blankets (sporting the school logo in school colors) is constantly showing the same loop of school propaganda, every ad also sporting the school logo in school colors, WHILE playing the school fight song. . . . over and over. And over. Ad nauseum.

Every time someone enters the store an "Avon Calling" bell rings. When someone leaves, all you hear is half of the same familiar tone - the last half. The "dong without the ding" is a bit disconcerting, let me tell you! What is up with that? "Avon Leaving" perhaps? I suppose I should count my blessings - it could play the school fight song with a strobe light in school colors flashing to the tempo.

My new friend R. and I created a display of "Mr. Thrifty" today. Mr. Thrifty is a skeleton. For a mere $67 (that's a "thrifty" price, eh Mr?) one can purchase the entire plastic skeleton on a hook. So, we put him at the logical beginning of the display, with signage [in school colors with the school logo] saying . . . "Mr. Thrify needs only $67 +Tax of love to be whole again".

Next, we placed three models of Mr. Thrifty's skull.

The first sign [under the first model] says . . .
"Every Woman's Dream - Mr. Thrify! No Removeable Parts: $27 +Tax."

The second sign [under the second model] says . . .
"More Realistic Mr. Thrifty! No Brain; Easily Removeable Head! $32 +Tax".

The third sign [under the third model] says . . .
"Mr. Thrifty - with brain and removeable parts; PRICELESS!!
(but to get the best you gotta PAY!! - - - $37 +Tax)"

After the display was finished we observed several students laughing at the signs. It made our day. =)

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LibAnn said...

LOL this is so you. I can just imagine the chuckles of the students.